Haringey Learns Audit

On Monday and Tuesday 22nd and 23rd July 2022 Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) was audited by HALs now rebranded Haringey Learns.

The audit was for the delivery of our skills in pattern making and stitching Level 1.

Whilst FEL awaits the results of the audit it was a deep dive into how FEL teaches and works with their learners and a chance to see how FEL derives high completion rates.

FEL has been working in the Adult Education since 2015 being a contractor with Waltham Forest College, Newham College and CONEL.

Whilst having excellent results always subcontractors are always at the will of the main contractor and basically with a college doesn’t have strong financial results then subcontractor contracts are withdrawn and go in house. It’s incredibly disappointing for hard working contractors and provides no stability whatsoever to plan ahead and expand the provision.

Jenny Holloway CEO commented: “I still feel disappointed by the way our FTA has been treated by WFC and Newham College in particular. After years of loyal service and working for 75% of the qualification award without notice FEL was dropped despite excellent completion rates. I’m very appreciative to CCCG and grateful to Kurt Hintz the Principle who has provided us with an AEB budget for 2022/23 that’s an increase of almost 30% on last year. I’m also delighted that we were awarded a short-term contract with Haringey Learns and sincerely hope this will be extended for the future. Haringey is going through a digital transformation and we can certainly support many learners in digital fashion. We are the only company in the UK that has digital fashion technologies with Kornit and Zund.”