GOV.UK Small Business Commissioner Films at the FC Designer Workspace

As a social enterprise dedicated to supporting local SME’s we were pleased to welcome Liz Barclay, Small Business Commissioner from GOV.UK to the FC Designer Workspace in the London borough of Islington.

At Fashion-Enter Ltd / FCFTA we maintain a wide reach into industry with the aim to support through skills attainment and pertinent business opportunities and advice. For the month of August our Social Value matrix figure was over £94,000. An incredible figure to achieve. We are educating government and policy makers on what is required for learning.

Liz is a small business and consumer affairs broadcaster, producer and writer. She started her career as an adviser and then CEO with Citizens Advice before moving into radio and TV production and presentation specialising in business and consumer affairs. 

Liz has worked with Boards and small businesses on improving governance, trust and culture, inclusion, and understanding customer behaviour. She coaches communication and presentation skills, chairs national and international conferences and has written several books on business.

As a staunch supported of SME’s Liz was highly impressed with the FC Designer Workspace and the facilities and opportunities that it offers local residents.

Fashion-Enter Ltd CEO Jenny Holloway said: “It was a genuine pleasure to meet Liz who was full of vitality and energy. It’s great to meet someone with such a positive mindset and that wants to see vocational spaces thrive such as the FCDW.  Liz was here for over an hour meeting learners and the designers themselves being absolutely supportive in all respects.

We need affordable workspaces for creatives that need space, community and the right facilities to upskill, inspire and create new businesses. Now we need to provide sales opportunities to make their collections grow and thrive.” 

Check back for a link to view Liz’s video soon.