Good Luck Lydia

Earlier this year our brave CEO Jenny Holloway shaved her hair off to help raise money for the Children’s Cancer & Leukaemia Group. Jenny donated her hair to Little Princess Trust in support of her close friend’s daughter, Lydia.
Lydia was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2013. Lydia is now 16 and has been undergoing chemo therapy for the past 5 years, it has been a long and painful journey. Unfortunately, Lydia is still battling with Leukaemia and will be returning to Hospital to try a new therapy.
Today at Fashion Enter, everyone stood united as a factory and held up a ‘Good Luck Lydia’ sign to show their support and wish Lydia the best of luck as she goes back into Hospital to commence her new therapy.
Our hearts go out to Lydia and anyone who has loved ones battling with Cancer or who might be battling with Cancer themselves.

Jenny’s Charity page is still open for donations, all of which are greatly appreciated