Go Ahead for Third Multiply Course

The FC Fashion Technology Academy Leicester has been given the go ahead for another year of Multiply courses.

Now in its third-year, FEL Leicester initially piloted the course that focuses on numeracy and maths understanding in daily life, home, and work for adult learners.

The Multiply programme aims to support with the levelling up mission to ensure that by 2030, the number of people successfully completing high quality skills training will have significantly increased in every area of the UK.  

The Fashion Technology Academy’s 6 unit, textile focused Multiply course follows the life of a garment and explores the numeracy needed along its journey. This course provides the fundamentals of numeracy needed to work in a garment factory, a buying or production office, and skills that can support with a career but can also be incorporated in day-to-day life by increasing numeracy confidence. 

The Department of Education cited: “People who improve their numeracy skills are more likely to be in employment, have higher wages, and better well-being.” 

A previous Multiply course learner said: “I learnt about the garment lifecycle, about designer feedback, as well as about gross pay, tax, net, deductions and measurements. The course introduced me to numeracy.”

Further info and dates to be announced soon..