Garment Tech Students Experience Production in Action

From 7th November and throughout the week, the Fashion-Enter Ltd team welcomed Garment Technology students from the Fashion Retail Academy in London for an extended seminar and tour.

Garment Technologists need to understand the entire life cycle of a garment, from initial development through to mass production. Working closely with designers, garment technologists help to bring their vision to life, informing production processes and fabric choice, whilst keeping production within budget and on time. 

Garment technologists also work to ensure consistency and quality across a range of product sizes and styles allowing fashion businesses to mass produce garments without compromising quality.

Visiting a live factory provides an excellent opportunity for student garment techs to experience the whole process. Additionally at Fashion-Enter, we can also present the latest technology, such as Style3D, Zund and Kornit so the students can see how the industry is evolving and addressing important issues such as sustainability, made to order, speed to market and made in the UK.

Led by FEL Director, Caroline Ash, she said: “We have had the Fashion Retail Academy in this week with their Garment Tech Students for an extended seminar. It was a very enjoyable seminar, very interactive and they loved the tour and the technology.”

Feedback from the students included:

“I found out about AI and how a factory works in industry. Very nice.”

“I have learnt so much! Fascinating talk, thank-you for talking to us and showing how the different machines and how factories work. Loved it.”

“I learnt about fabric printing, the process and costs of production and sourcing of garments.”

“I have learned that there are more technological and advanced ways to make clothes and more sustainable ways in printed fabrics. Thank-you!!”

“I found out a lot about sustainability, production of fabrics  and how economically there are impacts due to work conditions. Speaker was great and very informative. I learnt a lot.”

“I have gained a lot of knowledge on all the components and steps that go into producing just one garment. I had no idea how long the process can be for international manufacturing.”

“I gained knowledge on AI in design, learned about the difference between fast and slow fashion, as well as how small details can change a whole garment.”