FTA Receives Skills and Education Group External Moderation Report

At the end of November 2022 the educational arm of Fashion-Enter Ltd, the Fashion Technology Academy, received an external moderation visit from an assessor at Skills and Education Group Awards (SEG). The report is now live, tap the link to view the full report: Fashion_Enter_Dec22, the feedback demonstrated that the FTA is on the right track and achieving excellence with its learning provision.

The overall summary included:

All the courses provide an intensive introduction to sewing and textiles through a variety of qualification requirements. Some of the work was about the level required although broadly across the qualifications, all learners were on the current courses for their needs.

Courses at the FTA were:

+ Well organised and planned courses 

+ Excellent, professional facilities for the learners 

+ Dedicated, well qualified delivery and assessment team

While improvements included: 

+ Cut down on the assessment paperwork

+ Focus the assessment feedback on what the learner has produced in line with the assessment criteria

Jenny Holloway CEO of Fashion-Enter Ltd and the FTA said: “I am so proud of all of the teaching staff because not only are they experts at what they do but they are also amazing people that care so much about the learners achieving far more than a qualification. All the additional seminars that we run, the enrichment activities and the one-to-one support we give learners pays off! 

“We are delighted to receive again direct claims status with SEG on all of our pattern and stitching courses.”