FTA Passes Matrix Audit – No Outstanding Compliances!

We are delighted to confirm that Fashion-Enter’s Fashion Technology Academy (FEL) has fulfilled all correct processes and procedures to ensure that they are up-to-date on legal, compliance and health and safety issues, and firmly puts the learners voice at the heart of their teaching.
2021/2 has been an exceptionally busy for FEL with the opening of Leicester FCFTA and also the Welsh Factory now working with Newtown College and is successfully delivering Level 1 and 2 stitching qualifications.

The report attached from Matrix shows how the outstanding actions from the previous year have been fully signed off with FEL developing new ways forward for creative teaching.
Jenny Holloway CEO commented: “Teaching is an art and it’s also a passion for everyone that’s involved in the FTA. We have an excellent team of tutors and technicans and they understand the importance of working with all learners. We are finding that the impact of Covid on learners in disadvantaged areas has been particularly hard but this is where vocational skills can make a huge difference! Thank-you to Kathy Leahy for reviewing our process and procedures and for the positive feedback gained.”
If you are interested in any of our courses please contact: education@fashion-enter.com