FTA Leicester Update: 21st September 2022 – 1 Week Course Success!

Learn how to make garments in just 1-week with the FCFTA Leicester

It’s amazing what can be made in just one week! Puja, a previous Level 1 sewing learner, enrolled on the 1-week garment making course as she wanted to improve her overlock skills. 

Since leaving the Academy Puja has secured a role in a local creative company ‘Design Crazy Lady’ and is using a lockstitch machine and working on patterns daily. However, Puja wanted to perfect her overlock and used the week-long course to focus on her overlock development. 

She managed to make all of these amazing garments in just one week, including setting in sleeves, necklines and hemming. 

Puja said: “It’s great to be back at the Academy and continue to learn. This course is very adaptable and I have been able to focus on one key element. Thank-you to Agnes, my manager, for supporting me to do this course.”

If you would like to learn to make your own garments we have spaces available throughout September and October. £75 for one week including fabric. Please contact: jackie@fashion-enter.com to reserve a space.