FTA CEO To Speak At ‘Fashioning The Future’ 20th May 2019

Fashion is a £28.1 billion industry.
British people buy an average of 27kg of clothing per person each year producing roughly 1.2billion tonnes of carbon dioxide.
Time to rethink how we produce, cosume and utilize fashion!

Join the Young Fabians Environment Network, the under-31 section of Britain’s oldest political think tank, the Fabian Society, for discussion and forward thinking on the future of fashion.

The panel debate will explore the history of fashion’s relationship with nature, and some of the solutions to rebalance consumers love for clothes with a transition to more sustainable practices.

Fashioning the Future speakers will be:

Edwina Ehrman (Senior Curator at the V&A)

Mary Creagh MP (Chair of Environmental Audit Committee)

Tamara Cincik (CEO and Founder of Fashion Roundtable)

Jenny Holloway (CEO of FashionCapital, FTA and Fashion Enter Ltd)

Banita Vadlani (Founder of vegan fashion house Labante)

Fashioning the Future will take place Monday, 20th May 2019 19:30 – 21:30 at The Fabian Society, 61 Petty France, London SW1H 9EU to join the debate, ask questions and hear how politicians, brands and advocacy groups are advancing business, cultural and environmental policy discussions in this area register here.