From Industry to Education: Sharing New Developments and Best Practices

As part of the FCFTA policy of providing the highest quality training that is VASCR related, both the CEO Jenny Holloway and Deputy CEO Jackie Bertram have a clear and ambitious vision for providing high-quality, inclusive education and training to all.  

In recent weeks Jenny Holloway has attended three events /conferences:

+ Great Big Green Week in Haringey (30th September)

+ Invennt Luxe to talk about Environmental, Social and Governance Goals (29th September) 

+ ASBCI’s Fashion Re:set Summit 2022 (11th October).

As a result of this high level strategy work the information and data was disseminated to the Fashion Technology Academy (FTA) team. This therefore reinforces the strong, shared values, policies and practice of the FTA which then improves staff’s subject, pedagogical and pedagogical content knowledge. 

Each academic year workbooks are updated to ensure that the practice and subject knowledge of staff are constantly built up and improved. This maintains that curriculum is therefore appropriate and that assessments also incorporate the latest knowledge from industry.

Jenny Holloway commented: “I know we are unique. There is no independent training provider that has industry best practices at their fingertips as we do. There is no factory in the UK that has the Kornit, Optitex and Zund machinery, and further still working with international clients that want made-to-order and one-piece-flow. Being niche is not always easy but it provides our learners with the absolute premium in knowledge using the latest industry standards that cannot be taught anywhere else. All this is possible due to an outstanding team.”

At the FCFTA – we go the extra mile!


  • Integrity: We will operate ethically, reliably and honestly;  We are always there for our learners and our back drop to ethical is our factory that has a leading status in the Fast Froward audit. The only factory that has this benchmark of excellence.
  • Excellence: We will exceed expectations and strive to be the best we can be in everything that we do – whether that’s a short internal course, a Saturday Sewing Class or the array of qualifications that we deliver.
  • Care and Respect: We will provide a caring and understanding environment, acknowledging each other’s individuality and differences. We have a counsellor on site, mental health first aider and Designated Safeguarding Officers.
  • Differentiation: We are leaders in skills attainment for garment manufacturing. We go that extra mile and have invested heavily into the latest technology so we can allow everyone to have an exciting learning experience. We know everyone is different and we create a unique points of difference for each and every learner.


To be the best means that we will focus on…

  • Learners: Providing learners with excellence in tuition, a positive learning environment and the opportunity to excel in the UK employment market; we have amazing growth now in the garment manufacturing sector and this means we can provide the right skills to give our learners the right chance for a job that’s right for them! .
  • Skills: Providing industry and the community with the highest skills which will develop capability and achieve local and national competitiveness; having sites in Leicester, Islington and Newtown in Wales as well as site in Haringey means that we can offer a wide breath of skills, work experience opportunities and employment.
  • Staff: Providing a working environment that attracts staff, nurtures leaders and encourages excellence and a global outlook.  We have trained our own expert industry staff to become tutors. We know we have the best staff.