From Glasgow to Texas – More Groups Take the Factory Uncovered Seminar and Tour

FEL Director Caroline Ash welcomed more students and visitors for our popular Factory Uncovered seminar and tour, this week, commencing 22nd May 2023.

Caroline said: “We had two groups in from Glasgow Caledonian University studying a wide range of fashion-based subjects. They loved the fact that what was discussed during the seminar they could then see happening in real life on the factory tour. They also found the sustainability information particularly interesting.

“We had two further groups this week from the University of Texas, studying Mechatronics! This proved a very interesting seminar, as once I had gone through the basics of the garment life cycle, we then concentrated on all our future proofing innovations and developments. They found it fascinating to see the economies of scale in our factory versus our Fashion Studio that produces small run production.”

Feedback comments included:

“Great speaker, I’ve learnt such interesting information, very happy with my visit here.”

“The speaker was very engaging and knowledgable. I loved how we got the info and was then able to see it physically happen.”

“Amazing visit. It truly opened my eyes to the talent of the machinists that create the garments.”

“Loved the social enterprise aspect of the business. Great insight into the industry.”

“Brilliant visit! Provided so much insight. Leaving knowing so much more about the fashion industry.”

“Really insightful. It has changed my perspective. Very interesting afternoon.”

“Learnt loads about the physical making of garments.”

“I had a great time. I found the visit very educational. The speaker was fab!”

“Particularly found the sustainability information important and useful. In depth information overall, very impressed.”

“I learnt about the full lifecycle of a garment and how much time it can take for a garment to be completed.”

“It was very helpful to see the factory from the inside and take tips from the people working here.”