Free Well Being Seminars With Eric Gilston Life Coach

FEL working with Eric Gilston who was then a teacher at Virgo Fidelis Covent Senior School.  FEL set the task to the lively group of students a new way brand identity for website

Today was the first part of a series of seminars that reviews the mental health and wellbeing of our learners and designers that we engage with at the Fashion Studio services.

Learners attended from our level 1 and 2 courses and attended the two hour seminar on the importance of a positive mental health attitude towards life today both for learning and business.

The Education and Training Foundation Report highlighted:

The extent of the mental health training completed by individuals

• 16% of FE sector staff undertook training and development related to mental health in the last year.

• Teaching, learning, or classroom assistants were the group of staff which was most likely to undertake this form of training. • Mental health training was more likely for staff in colleges and Local Authorities.

• Most institutions were content with the volume of mental health training, in the sense that only 5% of institutions said they would like to have provided more.

Demand for future mental health training

• However, a fifth of individuals (21%) working in the sector said they would like mental health training in the next year (this average proportion being higher, at 32%, amongst teaching, learning, or class room assistants).

• Demand was higher amongst individuals working in Colleges, Local Authorities, and the voluntary sector than amongst those working in private sector training companies. What mental health training is required?

• The key driver of demand for mental health training is the perception that mental health issues amongst learners are becoming more frequent. • There was no clear-cut preference for the method of delivery of mental health training – formal training via lectures, small group methods and online training each had their supporters and their detractors.

As part of our quality assurance and our drive to listen to the learners voice the Fashion Technology Academy hosts free seminars and workshops to prepare our learners for entry into into the world of business.

One of the attendees is learner Denise Watson who is now on the Level 2 Stitching Course. Denise previously went on a FESPA event to Munich with Fashion Enter and excelled on the exhibition making soft seperates.  Denise commented: “I have learnt from this seminar that I need to aim higher and then strive to maintain it this course should be run periodically and I am rating this course 60/60! Thank you all.”

Learner HJ said: “The Workshop was very; helpful Eric was a great speaker and I will be back for all the sessions!”

Eric commented about today’s seminar: “There attendees all gained great value out of the workshop today and have left highly motivated and with new tools that they can action immediately both in their personal and working life. I started off the seminar with a definition of mind set which is a way of thinking that affects one’s attitude and outlook on life. From this point onward we discussed Self-Talk and how that can affect the mind and we then moved on to solutions to keep that mindset positive and these were:





“The attendees during the workshop put together their own affirmations of how they see themselves in the future and how to progress from the here and now to that future aspiration. I thoroughly enjoyed working with this group today and each of them have left the building to take immediate action and aim to become the best in their field. I would like to thank Jenny Holloway and her team for inviting me again.”

Until the next time Eric – thank-you.