Free Masterclasses for our Learners

As part of our enrichment programme for our learners at Leicester, Islington and Haringey the FTA offers monthly seminars that provide a deep dive into industry and preparing a brand.
This week (4th October) expert advice came from Fashion-Enter CEO, Jenny Holloway, with a 1-hour, free Zoom masterclass on ‘Building a Strong Foundation for Your Fashion Venture.’

Jenny has over 30-years of industry experience and as an accomplished industry mentor she was able to go through each key point and adapt the information to questions and comments from attendees as they came in. The session was packed full of information, advice and industry case studies, and was very well received from FTA learners and external guest attendees. Jenny was asked lots of questions ranging from working with UK suppliers to sourcing sustainable fabrics.

The masterclass included a PowerPoint presentation of 44 slides, however due to time Jenny discussed the key points and the full presentation was emailed to all attendees at the end.

Jenny commented: “All learning needs to be deeply embedded into our learners journey. More recently we are finding that Gen Z and Alpha are undertaking a real backlash with fast fashion that is throwaway. Old is now definitely the new new and they want the skills to create new garments from old.  Many are being very adept at selecting garments off the internet or buying from charity shops.  Some have now created their business from buying, upcycling and selling so this is why we launched this seminar programme.  Today was very much about brand identity and ensuring the right target audience is being researched and attracted. We had fabulous questions throughout too. Thanks for everyone that attended!” 

One attendee added: “Thank-you to all involved for organising this and thank-you to Jenny too for hosting. She is so knowledgeable and easy to listen to / learn from.
It was excellent – I wish it had gone on through all 44 slides!  I feel like we’d only just got going and the hour flew by.”

The next free masterclass: The Fashion Entrepreneur’s Toolkit: Strategies for Operational Excellence and Growth will take place Wednesday 25th October, tap the link to book your place.

Tap here for the full masterclass schedule.