Free Masterclass Support – Strategies to Create an Ethical Brand

FEL Deputy CEO Jackie Bertram has just led a free, informative masterclass on: ’10 Strategies to Create an Ethical Brand from Yarn Sourcing to Workers Rights’.

The two-hour session is part of a monthly series open to individuals online and learners based at the FC Designer Workspace.

Held on Thursday 27th April, the 10 core strategies that Jackie covered included:

  1. Yarn and Fabric
  2. UK V’s Overseas Manufacturing
  3. Manufacturing Audits and Compliance
  4. Good Fit and Optitex
  5. Galaxius and Traceability
  6. Dirty Tricks
  7. Lean Manufacturing
  8. Packaging
  9. Greenwashing
  10. Workers Rights’ and Labour Exploitation

Jackie discussed each topic in-depth and angled the information towards small and new fashion businesses. The session rounded-off with an invitation for attendees to ask any questions.

One attendee asked about B Corp Certification and whether it is good to apply from the outset, while others fed back to Jackie on how much they enjoyed the masterclass and found the information of use.

Feedback from the masterclass included:

“Thanks Jackie for this session, learnt so much about the supply chain and the process (& I imagine time) needed to design and create a good fit, it’s crazy how we have gotten used to low prices and quickly produced clothing when it involves so much skill and work across sectors.”

“I found out more information about what is required in the process of owning your own brand in terms of sustainability and manufacturing. Brilliant and compacted information, my only comment is that it’s hard to absorb all the points as the slides aren’t up for very long to take notes.”

“Brilliant, I am gaining so much confidence on this course.”

“I learnt about different fabrics/materials, how to create an ethical brand, sourcing ethically, auditing and its importance, the difference between UK based manufacturers and overseas.”

FEL’s next free masterclass will take place Wednesday 24th May and the topic will be: ‘Top 10 Tips to Create a Strong Team and Partnership with your Manufacturer’ tap here to book your place.