FRA Students Gain Factory Uncovered Insight

On Monday 9th May 2022 the Fashion-Enter team welcomed more students from the Fashion Retail Academy (FRA) based in central London. 

This factory tour was led by Production Director Caroline Ash with the aim of giving the students an insider’s view into each step of the garment manufacturing process and how this relates to roles within merchandising, buying and retail.

After an overview of the company, what makes Fashion-Enter Ltd a compliant and ethical factory, modern slavery, along with health and safety, Caroline explained each stage in detail as the group toured the factory floor. The success of this tour is that the students can physically view a garment at every step of the process in real time, and this visual way of learning is of huge benefit to the students understanding.

Caroline also introduced the students to the various technologies being used by the factory such as the Galaxius system, Optitex, Kornit digital printers, the Zund cutting machine and how technology is enabling a more efficient and sustainable process than ever before.

Feedback from the FRA students included:

“I learnt about the process of production and how fast production is. It was a lovely visit, really amazing the people you employ and the opportunities you allow them to have.”

“I have learnt about how much work and skills are needed to make garments. I also learnt about the things I need to know to start my own brand. I really enjoyed it, thank-you!”

“I found out about the key steps it takes to make and sell a garment.”

“I gained information on grading and how to produce different sizes.”

“I learnt how to make a garment cheaper whether it be by reducing the complexity of the design or by fabric selection.”

“I found out what a good, ethical factory looks like.”