FRA Design Students Gain Insight into Garment Production

On Friday 18th November we had more second-year design students from the Fashion Retail Academy at Fashion-Enter Ltd Factory and HQ to gain behind-the-scenes insight into how a garment factory works with a Factory Uncovered seminar and tour.

Led by Fashion-Enter Ltd Director, Caroline Ash the group got to see each stage of the garment manufacturing process; from design through to finished piece – packed and ready for distribution. The group were also introduced to the Fashion Studio so they could see how designs are translated into patterns, followed by grading, toiles, sampling and small production runs. The group also got to visit the FashTech Innovation Centre to learn about new technologies coming through and how these affect efficiency and sustainability.

Caroline said: “We had another group from the Fashion Retail Academy second-year design students taking our Fashion Studio factory seminar and tour. Another great bunch and very eager to learn, a very enjoyable session.” 

Feedback from the students included:

“The seminar was very interesting and informal. Met lots of interesting and lovely people.”

“I learnt how quickly clothes are manufactured. Very nice host.”

“I learnt a lot of crucial and helpful information.”

“I learnt about the importance of reviewing fabrics before buying and doing your research thoroughly before starting a clothing business. Lovely people.”

“I am really impressed with how much I have learnt about starting a business.”