FEL Wales News 8th December 2022

Eddie Bebb and Annabella Lewis from Fashion-Enter Wales fills us in with their latest news…

First Order with Turtle-Doves (Not Just Gloves) Ltd

A couple of weeks ago Jenny (Holloway) rang me up to introduce a potential new customer for the Welsh factory.
Turtle-Doves (Not Just Gloves) Ltd, a brand that reworks pre-loved cashmere jumpers into practical and soft new accessories, had contacted the Fashion-Enter Ltd London office with a view to the Welsh factory sewing their products.
During our conversation Jenny informed me that the owner of Turtle Doves was Graham Holbrook an ex-Laura Ashley employee who remembered me from our days back in the eighties when we both worked in the Laura Ashley Finance department.
The following week Graham and three of his members of staff visited the Pryce Jones building to see Rachel and myself. Graham explained that Turtle Doves made hats, gloves and neck warmers from repurposed cashmere.
Demand for their products has “gone through the roof” over the last year or so as consumers become more environmentally aware with regards to their buying decisions in addition to the fact that Turtle Doves do have a beautiful product offer.A few days later Rachel, Janine (one our machinists) and myself visited their site in Shrewsbury. While Rachel and Janine worked on making samples, I took the opportunity to have a catch up with Graham and understand how their raw material sourcing, order replenishment and distribution activity worked.
We have now completed our first orders, Turtle Doves are extremely happy with what they have seen, in particular they have been impressed with our quality and attention to detail.
Magali Saxon Level 1 Stitching Student Talks About Her Learning Journey
“What fun! I have always enjoyed learning new skills and sewing was a hobby of mine. Learning these skills and being able to put them into application is a delight.
“At first the machines are quite daunting, but our lovely teacher made it reassuring. Some are more difficult to get the hang of but, like any skill practice makes perfect. Being able to create a piece of clothing is part of those essential skills that every one should know about. There was a time when every woman knew how to sew, but the skill isn’t taught at school anymore and the knowledge is getting lost for most. So, I am very happy and proud to be able to be counted amongst those who know.
“Our teacher is fabulous and so patient with us and the general atmosphere is very pleasant. We are so lucky to have all these resources available to us. I found the most challenging machine to work on is the coverstitch, but I’m sure that will come soon. The binding requires a lot of care also, but the process is fascinating and so much easier and fast than doing it by hand. Thank-you so much for the golden opportunity.”
Spyce Jones Personalised Aprons

If you have a special someone that likes to dabble in the kitchen FEL Wales kitchenware brand Spyce Jones now offers a personalised option on their top quality aprons, click here to view all the styles available for toddlers, kids and adults, along with 3-piece set options.