FEL Still Deliver Quality Apprenticeships During The Lockdown

We were filled with pride on Thursday 12th November when Matthew Lam (L5 Bespoke Tailoring apprentice for Harrods) came to FEL to undertake his EPA with assessor Lee Dawson from master tailors Samuel Brothers. Matthew first came to the FTA in 2018 where he joined the Level 2 Perfect Pattern cutting course and quickly excelled in the art of pattern cutting and understanding how fabrics work together. Following this Matthew joined the apprenticeship programme and progressed to Level 5 Tailoring where he was hired as a Junior Tailor with Harrods. Today Matthew has a wealth of knowledge and expert industry experience behind him. Congratulations Matthew for your dedication and commitment to bespoke tailoring – we can only see a very bright future ahead of him!

Matthew is one of the many apprentices that learned technical skills at Fashion-Enter’s Fashion Technology Academy in North London. Recently there has been an upsurge of requests for apprenticeships and all jobs are advertised here

We are delighted to announce that non levy employers can now be directly supported by Fashion-Enter to deliver quality technical apprenticeships. This means that SME’s whose wage bills are less than £3m per annum only pay 5% towards training fees and the government will pay 95%. FEL is able to fully support small businesses through the complete process of hiring an apprentice from creating a job description, recruitment, enrolment and quality training.

In addition, the government is also offering a £2,000 incentive for every 16 – 24-year-old apprentice an employer hires, and £1,500 for over 25’s. Fashion-Enter will assist each employer to draw down this incentive once they have hired their apprentice. If you want to know more details of Fashion-Enter’s apprenticeship program please contact jenni@fashion-enter.com