FEL Seminar & Tour: “Great energy and passion for the topic!”

It has been another fantastic week (commencing 20th May) for FEL Director, Caroline Ash, with on-site seminars and tours. 

Starting with Brookdale Community College from New Jersey, first time visitors to our factory, the group loved the whole seminar, however the Styleverse Innovation Centre was the star of the day as they had never experienced AI before.

We then we had the lovely Sarah Hansford with her great Fast Track students from the Fashion Retail Academy, they were 5 months into their course and incredibly well-schooled already. We had as fantastic seminar, great questions and a real understanding of the subject. 

The week finished off with a group from the University of Texas, also joining us for the first time, the feedback was great and it was a lovely way to end the week!

Here is some of the feedback from the various groups throughout the week…

Brookdale Community College:

“There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes. So much dedicated time is used to make these garments and AI is helping to make the process smoother. Loved this seminar!”

“Very informative and well organised!”

“I learned a lot about the fashion systems, AI and being sustainable. Great information / knowledge about fashion systems.”

“Great energy and passion for the topic! Very informative.”

“I have learnt in depth how the garments we wear are made. Very good, educational!”

Fashion Retail Academy:

“Really interesting, learnt a lot regarding production, environmental impacts and innovation. Brilliant speaker, really well communicated. Thank-you.”

“The seminar was really engaging and had lots of information that will help us prepare for our buying careers.”

“Lots of really insightful information on technology and speed to market, and how sustainability is crucial for the future. Thank-you so much for having us!”

“I have learnt more about sustainability and what types of work is carried out in the factory. Also about how AI is being used. Great and insightful afternoon, thank-you.”

“Fantastic presentation – I loved the AI fashion.”

University of Texas:

“I have learned a lot about how businesses are / are not keeping up with sustainable and ethical practices in the industry. I also enjoyed seeing the AI systems after learning about then in school and doing my own research on it. It was very cool despite being scary. Thank-you!!”

“I learnt how garments are made, ethics and rules and regulations. So interesting and informative, thank-you!”

“I gained increased knowledge regarding ethical wages, AI software and overall waste / sustainability. Overall very informative and interesting, thank-you.”