FEL joins Haringey Industrial Area Business Forum

Each quarter Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) joins local businesses to discuss the needs of Haringey and how to create borough pride and generate new business. The last meeting was held on Wednesday 15th March at the Tottenham Hotspur Football stadium. The agenda included: Networking, access to public sector contracts, procurement and local business, areas the council covers, procurement rules, routes to market, finding work and industrial area way finding and signage.
CEO Jenny Holloway enjoying the location of the meeting
FEL CEO Jenny Holloway commented: “As one of the largest employers in the borough it’s important that we put back time and effort into Haringey and work with like minded businesses. In this meeting we discussed access to public sector contracts and also industrial way finding and signage to ease congestion within the borough. great to meet such a diverse group of businesses and thank-you to Roy Sandler the Chair. See you at the next Haringey Industrial Area Business Forum.”

During the meeting Kevin Wright discussed the Haringey Industrial Area Work Programme, the seven programme areas and associated projects have been identified, and are:

    1. Improving the physical business environment
    2. Business Support, Engagement & Growth
    3. Commercial and Industrial premises
    4. Council-owned industrial premises and units
    5. Sectors –supporting key Industrial Areas sectors
    6. Promotion and Communications
    7. Employment, Skills & Recruitment
The meeting provided insight and updates on the various projects taking place. FEL actively engages with the local community within Haringey and is always looking at ways to support communities and businesses.  This is why FEL is a social enterprise.