FEL Develops Reusable Isolation Gowns

For the last 12 months, here at Fashion-Enter we have been working in partnership with the Royal Free London to develop and pioneer a new sustainable recycled isolation gown.

The unique DWR polyester treated gown product has been created to provide a sustainable alternative to the one-use gown and allows for NHS key workers to wear and wash the garment up to 70 times.

Using a fully tested and innovative fabric FEL has designed an easy-to-use gown that provides an RFID tracking system so there is reassurance that the gown performs time and time again saving money for the NHS as well as providing the local economy with longevity of jobs at the manufacturing plant at FEL.

The fabrics used meet the highest industry standards, produced in facilities that are audited, accredited and certified.

Benefits of using the gown include:

  • High quality uncompromised PPE product which has been stitched at a North London Factory by highly trained machinists
  • Also available from the FEL’s Welsh factory in Newtown Powys
  • RFID Track and trace
  • Commitment to supporting our environment ensuring PPE causes as little damage as possible

Environmental benefits include:

  • 64% lower natural resource energy consumption
  • 66% lower greenhouse gas emissions (measured as CO2 eq emissions)
  • 87% lower total water consumed (blue water1)
  • 83% lower solid waste generation at healthcare facility

Jenny Holloway, CEO Fashion-Enter commented:

“The support from the Royal Free London NHS Foundation has been incredible! The design was extensively tested on a wide variety of clinical staff and the fabric testing from the fabric supplier has surpassed expectations. This is a British designed and manufactured product to be proud of and reflects how the NHS does put sustainability and ethical gown manufacture at the heart of their business. Thank you to all the staff at the Royal Free London for enabling this isolation gown to come to market”

Click here for PDF explaining the complete process, benefits and capabilities

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