FCFTA Leicester: Weekly Update 25th May 2022

Cynthia – New Full time Role


Fantastic news, Cynthia one of our Level 1 stitching learners has secured a full time job in the garment industry in Leicester. 

Cynthia was given the opportunity by UK Pique to learn draw threading at the Academy, a technique to separate knitted articles. This is a skilled role and Cynthia took to it extremely well. 

FCFTA manager Jackie said: “It’s great to see our students using the skills that they have learnt at the Academy and making a career in the textiles and garment industry.”

 These courses have been made possible due to the Community Renewal Fund.

Cynthia said: “I am very happy to get a full time job, thank you to the academy for your support.”

SEG Level 1 Workers Rights and Labour Exploitation – GN Euro 

FCFTA Leicester made a return trip to GN Euro to provide more workers with the opportunity to do this accredited course. 

This course has been developed to raise awareness of the basic employment rights provided by UK law. This course has been funded by the Community Renewal Fund. 

Jackie said: “Its great to see GN Euro invest in their workforce – we have now delivered this course to 29 workers at GN Euro. They were a great group of learners and contributed fully to the course.”

New Learners – Level 1 Stitching 

Last week we welcomed 20 new learners to FCFTA Leicester. These learners have all enrolled on Level 1 Stitching which is an accredited SEG Level 1 award in fashion and textiles. 

The course lasts for 6-weeks and the learners are taught the fundamentals of using a variety of industrial sewing machines and identify the correct settings for fabric. They learn how to correctly measure and then cut and construct a basic pattern as well as identifying what constitutes good and poor quality stitching. 

This course is free through funding form Community Renewal Fund. 


The FTA Leicester is now 6 months old – and we have now had 66 people take part in Level 1 Stitching. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support from the Community Renewal Fund – but also those that volunteer to help with tutoring and donations. We really are truly grateful for this support. 

Thank-you to Jonathan and Knitting Division for donating fabric to FCFTA. This is great and allows our learners to practice industrial sewing. 

Thank-you to Raisabanu and Farida – two of our former learners have been volunteering and supporting our new learners. 

Meet and Greet

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