FCFTA Leicester – Weekly Update 14th July 2022

Summer – Career Choices 

Summer started early in Leicester with schools breaking up for summer holidays last week. This is a great time to start to consider career pathways and if you are over the age of 16 and would like to consider an apprenticeship role – please do get in contact: jackie@fashion.enter.com 

We currently have 4 fantastic roles available with 80% on-the-job training and then 1 day spent here at the Academy to work towards a Level 2 – 3 or 4 Diploma in Fashion and Textiles. 

These Apprenticeship courses are Free – courtesy of funding from boohoo Group. 

Current Apprenticeship Jobs Available: 

  • Fashion Studio Assistant – Barcode Designs – Leicester 
  • Fashion Studio Assistant – Shahtex Fabrics and Seamless Knitwear 
  • Fashion Studio Assistant – T Shirt Factory Europe 
  • Product Technologist Assistant – Euro Rose Knitwear 

Please visit https://fcfta.com/jobs/ to review. 

New Learners 

FCFTA Leicester welcomed 2 new learners this week onto SEG Level 1 award in Industrial Sewing – these ladies are the last two to be funded through the Governments Community Renewal Fund. 

So far this year we have welcomed 79 learners onto Level 1 Award in Industrial Sewing and 47 have qualified. 

These courses have been funded via the Community Renewal Fund and have supported 12 people in the local community obtain full time employment – and provided new skills to many more. 

Leicester IAG Session 12th July 

It was great to be part of the Information, Advice and Guidance session – it provided excellent career advice for our learners and to support them to take their next steps after completing their course. 

They especially found the information about how to search for a job, what pathways are available and how to set up their social media profile useful– and which Apps and organisations they can use to find jobs.

Fashion-Enter – Launch of the ATMF 

Fashion-Enter have been invited to the launch of the Apparel and Textile Manufacturers Federation on Monday 18th July at the House of Commons. 

The role of this organisation is very important in helping address the various issues that have been facing the UK garment industry over the last few years with regards to Compliance, Health & Safety, Worker Rights’ and negative publicity. 

The aim of the Federation is to  weed out any bad practices, in collaboration with various audit bodies, and move forward together. 

Jackie, Manager at FCFTA Leicester said: “This new Federation is very much in alignment with the work we have been doing over the last 6-months in Leicester, supporting on skills, compliance and positive business relationships. Therefore we are looking forward to collaborating with the ATMF – it will be great to have a supplier voice.”