FCFTA Leicester Update 7th December 2022

Working with Sewa Day Charity

Sewa Day is a UK based charity located across 30 regions, almost 50 volunteers are based in Leicester and work across many projects including donating and distributing food to people and schools. Sewa Day was spending almost £150 to £200 on carrier bags used to carry the food to various locations, so they came to the FCFTA with a thought – to make food bags out of old clothes which are environmentally friendly and can be reused. Zarina, FCFTA tutor along with previous learners volunteered to work together and make some large bags out of dead stock and handed these over to Sewa Day on 3rd December.  It was great to be a part of this initiative that supports local charities and communities.

Keyham Lodge 

It was a pleasure to welcome Richard Doyle and Victoria Edwards from Keyham Lodge School to the Academy. Keyham Lodge School is a vibrant and successful City Special School. All students have an education health care plan and the school cohort is made up of KS3 and KS4 and caters for both girls and boys from KS3 upwards. They are a diverse school and we welcome students from a range of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, which contributes to our unique values and ethos.

Fashion-Enter Ltd Deputy CEO Jackie Bertram said: “It was great to show Richard and Victoria the Academy. The Academy can offer accredited courses in Fashion and Textiles and also bespoke courses to suit individual learning needs. These courses can then lead to apprenticeships and careers in fashion and textiles, or for some, just the basic skills to have a go at making their own clothes.”

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