FCFTA Leicester Update 6th October 2022

Congratulations to Mariam Kadiri – Apprenticeship 

Mariam has successfully secured an apprenticeship role at Shahtex, a leading Leicester manufacturer of knitted fabrics and seam free activewear. Mariam will join them on the 10th October in the role of fashion studio assistant. 

Apprenticeships are a great way to earn while you learn. Mariam will spend 4 days a week with Shahtex reporting into Penny the designer and will then spend 1 day a week at the Academy working towards a Level 3 diploma.

(Mariam received her Level 1 Award in Fashion and Textiles from Cllr Adam Clarke in September. The course was funded via the Community Renewal Fund.)

Fashion-Enter Ltd Deputy CEO Jackie said: “It’s great to see Mariam continue on her garment and textile career, she joined the Academy on the Level 1 award in Fashion and Textiles in June of this year – and managed to complete the class at pace and with fantastic quality to her work. To see her gain an apprenticeship is fantastic, as this will allow her to follow her dreams of working in textiles and will it will also support her family.”

If you would like to explore an apprenticeship route please do get in contact, we have roles available across different disciplines: education@fashion-enter.com 

Look what can be achieved in just one week! 

Marta has just completed our 5 day Introduction to garment making course. 

This one week course is a must if you want to learn how to make your own clothes. On the course Marta was taught how to inset sleeves, create cuffs, insert rib necklines and she made some excellent garments in 5 days. 

If you too would like to learn how to make your own clothes the course is £75 (inc Vat)  for 5 days or £40 (inc vat) for 3 days. Please contact FCFTA Leicester  divya@fashion-enter.com to secure your place.  

Last week for our current Cohort on  Level 1 Award – Stitching 

Great to see our learners working towards a qualification. Over the last 5-weeks it has been a pleasure of having; Ugochi, Firozabanu, Maherunnisha and Shuraya at the Academy working towards a Level 1 qualification in industrial sewing. Their confidence has grown throughout the weeks and although English is not all of their first language they have embraced learning and have worked hard. 

Ugochi said: “The 5-week course was super helpful in supporting me to acquire the basics of stitching. In just 5 weeks I have gone from not being able to sew in a straight line to stitching patterns, shapes and much more. I’d highly recommend this to anyone interested in sewing and fashion. Knowing the different machines available will equip you with lots of knowledge, growth and expertise. I felt guided throughout the course.”