FCFTA Leicester Update 16th November 2022

FCFTA Leicester are proud to be taking  part in Leicester Giving Day on 18th November

Leicester Giving Day is a simple but impactful initiative set up by Embark UK. The day has been created to enable companies and educational establishments in Leicester and Leicestershire to showcase their philanthropic support for charities and local communities.

On Friday 18th November participating organisations will set aside the day to reflect on what they do and showcase their work to the general public and provide an open day to those in the local community. FCFTA Leicester is delighted to be opening its doors to people in Leicester to use the academy with tutor guidance to upcycle their clothes, do alterations and give new life to garments to prevent them being discarded and going into landfill. 

Recent  statistics revealed that of the 32 billion garments produced for the fashion industry each year, a whopping 64% will end up in landfill. Therefore the more we can do to encourage upcycling and repurpose of garments the better. The academy will be open for the event from 10am – 3pm on Friday 18th November. The use of machines and teaching assistance is all Free and there is end-of-life fabric and trims that can be bought at very low prices to support with your repurpose project. 

FEL / FTA Deputy CEO Jackie said:  “We would love to welcome those in the local community to come and use the academy and help bring new life into an old garment.”

To reserve a place please contact: Divya@Fashion-Enter.com

Fashion-Enter take part in a Panel discussion as Part of Leicester Business Festival

Leicester Business Festival takes place from 7th to the 18th November, as part of the festival Jackie Deputy CEO took part in an event held by Leicestershire Business Voice. 

The event was held on Thursday 10th November at Boohoo factory in Leicester and the topic was ‘Celebrating the Diverse Manufacturing Industry of Leicestershire’. 

The panel discussion was facilitated by Chris Hobson, Director of policy and external affairs of East Midlands Chambers. There were two panel discussions covering the key strengths of the manufacturing industry in Leicestershire and how we can promote and develop it. A second panel, which FCFTA were part of, covered skills in manufacturing, what makes Leicestershire attractive and how can we encourage the next generation into the sector.

There were some fantastic conversations in the room and a real celebration of the diverse mix of manufacturing across Leicestershire, which has a strong production heritage, and is ideally placed to be a hub of UK manufacturing and innovation. 

Jackie said: The panel discussions were extremely positive and one of the biggest messages that came through was the power of Networks; Networks have the ability to grow Leicestershire manufacturing and to create jobs and opportunities. To future proof the industries it is important to open up businesses and showcase jobs of the future to capture the imagination of the next generation. Through collaborations and engagement across different businesses we can overcome some of the challenges faced collectively. Thank-you to Sandra Wiggins from Leicestershire business voice for organising the event and including FCFTA Leicester.” 

Dunelm Visit FCFTA 

It was a pleasure to welcome Dunelm to Leicester Fashion Technology Academy; Dunelm are a proud Leicestershire based company, with its headquarters based in Leicestershire. Dunelm also have their own factory there that makes curtains, blinds and accessories. 

The visit to the academy was to understand the skills and training that FCFTA can provide, focusing on apprenticeship opportunities. 

Studio space to rent and make your own clothes 

Do you want to make your own clothes? Do you want to amend, repair or upcycle your current wardrobe? 

At the FCFTA Leicester you are able to rent industrial machines by the hour, day or week. 

Hourly Rate £6 per/hour; Day Rate £25 a day and £100 for 5 days – all prices inc VAT. 

On hand is our experienced tutor to provide light touch guidance – and you too can make your own clothes. 

If you would like more tuition – we can also offer  the following fun course: 

  Make your own garments in 4 days course  for £75 inc VAT 

On this course you will be taught how to use the different machines, manage tension depending on fabrics and then learn to make your own garments – fabric provided. 

To book your place contact: Divya@Fashion-Enter.com