FCFTA Leicester Learner’s Testimony

At the FCFTA Leicester learner Habiba completed a Level 1 Award in Fashion and Textiles throughout the month of June. Here she talks to FCFTA administrator Divya about the experience…

Divya: Tell me why you wanted to do this course? 

H: “I joined this course to gain skills and knowledge on industrial machines, I want to have my own business in fashion. I also want to be able to create my own dresses. I wanted to do something which makes me feel proud of myself and it’s good to do what I like.  So here I am.”

Divya: What have you learnt so far?

H: “I have learnt how to thread up the machine, which is tricky, different kind of machine stitches, checking tensions, fabric cutting, using different equipment like scissors, snips, etc.”

Divya: “Will this course support you in your future career path?” 

H: “Of course yes, I feel this is stepping stone for my career path.”

Divya: “What are your plans following the course? ” 

H: “I would like to do the next Levels in Stitching, Pattern Cutting etc.”

Divya: “Would you recommend the course to others?” 

H: “Yes I will, in fact I have already recommended this course to all my friends and relatives. This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in sewing and fashion. I am sure you will have more enrolments during September referred by me!”