FashionCapital And Fashion SVP Announce Design Winner

A huge congratulations to Fashion SVP winner Dilara!

Having been selected from hundreds of applicants, Dilara was amongst the three finalists that showcased their designs as fully commercial pieces at the Fashion SVP Gallery last week.  Being named as the winner by Emma Farrow, design director from Finery, Dilara will receive an exciting prize consisting of: A cash award of £750, a bursary for a Fashion Enter Technical Academy short course and a design interview with a leading fashion brand.

Explaining why she named Dilara as the winner, Emma commented “Dilara won the award as she had a blend of contemporary fashion but still retained the commercial brief.  Many congratulations to Dilara – we wish her a successful future career.”

On being announced as the winner, Dilara commented “I’m a very young designer from Turkey and participating in this competition was a very big chance when I decided to take a part.  After hearing the jury gave the winner position to me; I realised this chance stronger with a big happiness. This is a significant way to develop myself within the international fashion design sector.  I will be able to present my design understanding with getting different opinions.”

Fashion Enter, FashionCapital, Finery and Fashion SVP London are great supporters for young designer’s improvement and the New Designer Awards is evidence of this. Facilities and prizes of the competition are so beneficial for me, moreover meeting with successful people by this organisation also provides various ideas and new opportunities.  Many thanks to all of them one more time for the chances they have given to me.”

All of the team from FashionCapital and Fashion Enter would once again like to congratulate Dilara on this achievement and we very much look forward to welcoming here onto one of our course in the near future!