Fashion Works Designers & Glasgow Caledonian Students Take the Factory Uncovered Tour

On the 28th March 2023 the FEL team welcomed Doreen Adusei MBE with a group of designers on her Fashion Works UK business support programme.

Doreen with Jenny Holloway

FEL CEO Jenny Holloway met Doreen over 20-years ago when she was working with the London Development Agency on the London Fashion Forum programme. Doreen established Fashion Works in 1994 has continued to advise and support new designers, and it was fantastic to see her again with her current cohort for a Factory Uncovered tour.

FEL Director Caroline Ash led the seminar and workshop explaining each step of the production process in detail. She said: “We had a fab tour; the designers were very enthusiastic with load of questions. We received very good feedback and they found it very insightful and inspiring.”

Feedback from the designers on this initiative included:

“Very insightful. Wonderful to see processes at work, and all details shared. Many thanks.”

“The speaker was friendly, knowledgeable, encouraging and inspiring. I learned lots of important information.”

“I learned everything I needed to get started.”

“Everyone was super lovely / friendly – well organised and great atmosphere. Very informative, thank-you.

“I learnt about UK manufacturing and pricing. Great thanks, very interesting.”

“I learnt about the design process from start to finish. I look forward to using this factory in the future.”

“It was an amazing experience.”

Then on the 5th April we welcomed another group wanting to learn more about ethical, Made in the UK production. This time the group was from Glasgow Caledonian University.

Caroline commented: “We had Glasgow Caledonian University in this week, they were a lively group who loved the Factory Tour and meeting our lovely machinists. We also talked about Galaxius and how it enables us to pay our staff fairly and ethically. All round a great seminar!”

After the tour the university students said:

“The seminar was excellent. Caroline explained things very clearly and made us feel very welcome as did other people when we were going around the factory. Many thanks.”

“Thank-you. It was very informative and great to see everything in action.”

“Truly informative and enlightening. I really enjoyed my first factory visit.”

“Very useful for making future choices and understanding the fashion making process.”

“This was a good trip for the ‘business of fashion.’