Fashion Students Gain On Site Factory Learning and Experience

More fashion students walked through Fashion-Enter Ltd’s doors this week (commencing 19th February) to learn and experience fashion production within an ethical and leading UK factory.

Leading the groups through their seminars and tours was FEL Director Caroline Ash, she said:

“We had Ravensbourne University Buying Students visit us on Monday, they been visiting since we have been conducting these seminars and have certainly seen some changes occur. They were a lovely bunch of students and they were very interested in how we cost a garment and the production process. 

“Then came two visits from the Fashion Retail Academy with first year Buying & Merchandising degree students studying a Supply Chain & ESG module.

“They loved the tour around the factory, couturier and our Styleverse Innovation Centre. During the seminar we discussed one piece flow, digital printing, repair services, digital pattern cutting and fit process. We looked at the challenges of manufacturing in the UK and the issues within Leicester production. We also did an exercise in moving on a best seller which always goes down well. They had a current project, so a lot of what we did centred around this. We got great feedback from both groups.”


“I have learnt about the in’s and out’s of supplying for a brand, it is so interesting to see the forward technology as well!”

“I’ve found out how to cost and how much work and time goes into clothing.”

“Lovely woman, knows what she is on about.”

“Very helpful for my project.”

“Speaker was amazing.”

“Very informative and organised. Helped me a lot with ideas for my project.”

“I learnt how technology is becoming so popular in the fashion industry and is now entering factories for a more efficient way.”

Fashion Retail Academy:

“Learnt a lot about costing a garment – went into a lot of detail. Really enjoyed the tour – interesting to see the factory in person in a real working day. Interesting seminar – set a good introduction to the start of the session relevant to our Dr. Marten’s project.”

“I found out more about AI’s used in fashion. Very informative, very nice and lovely speaker.”

“Learnt about aspects of how to reduce waste, production practices and how a factory works. Really enjoyed the tour – very informative. Wow!!”

“I found it very interesting and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank-you.”

“The information given in this factory visit will help me greatly. Thank-you.”

“I’ve learnt a lot about fabrics and the process they go through to make the garments. Also how we can be more sustainable. Thank-you, I enjoyed it and learnt a lot.”