Fashion Students from Bath Spa University visit The Factory

Fashion Students from Bath Spa University visit The Factory

On Wednesday 29th November 2017, we welcomed two cohorts of students from Bath Spa University for a tour of the Factory.

Students from Bath Spa University visit Fashion EnterBefore the tour began both groups were given an introduction about Fashion Enter by Director Jenni Sutton and were briefed about the agenda of the tour. Shortly after the introduction, Production Director Caroline Ash took the groups of students to the Factory Floor where they were able to see first-hand the operations and processes set up within production to manufacture ethically.

Caroline demonstrated processes within the factory such as fabric quality control and Fabric cutting and much more. The group then went to see the Fashion Studio and gained more knowledge about patterns, sampling and grading. Overall the group gained distinctive knowledge whilst visiting the Factory and the discussions that were held by Caroline and Jenni. We do look forward to welcoming more students from Bath Spa University.

Here are some comments below:

'I’m really impressed! I recently learned in more detail about how unethical the fashion industry can be. But it’s really positive to learn that companies like Fashion Enter are making a difference.' Liberty 

'It was interesting to know the companies that work with British manufacturing factories, I learnt how the factory conditions are so much better to other factories within the UK.' Amy

'I learnt the pace of garment production and the different stages of how garments are cut, finished and checked. I gained more knowledge about the entire design process and a glimpse at the broad variety of roles within the manufacturing industry.' Ayse 

'I learnt how quick production can be and how the design process can work so well within one building. I found the tour very interesting and I like the idea of the pattern cutting course.' Charlotte 

Bath Spa students on visit to the Fashion Technology Academy