Fashion Retail Academy Students Take the Factory Uncovered Tour

On the 28th February 2022, the Fashion-Enter team had a full day filled with Fashion Retail Academy students taking the Factory Uncovered tour and seminar. 

The students got to see firsthand the skill and expertise at every stage of the process from initial design concept through to quality checked garment ready to retail.

Fashion-Enter Production Director, Caroline Ash, hosted the sessions she commented: “We had the Fashion Retail Academy in for the whole day yesterday (28th Feb) for Factory Uncovered tours.

We had some great questions and observations from the cohort and extremely good feedback. It is fantastic to be able to give these students insight into real factory production and processes that they would not be able to see otherwise.”

The seminar and tour gives practical understanding to what the students are learning in the classroom. Once again the session gained brilliant feedback including:

“I learnt about the multiple steps of garment production, how the cost of making a garment has gone up and how to keep the business ‘fair’ for everybody. Very informative.”

“I gained further in-depth details of manufacturing processes, stitching types and garment tech programs.”

“Very informative, visual and interesting. I learnt a lot, thank-you.”

“A really informative session, answered all questions and made sense. Went through all the elements in detail, the tour of the factory was really informative.”

“I learnt more about garment production, shipping and the relationship between the buying and the production team.”

“Really informative and kind speaker, willing to answer any questions. Really interesting watching the garments being made in real life.”

“I liked seeing the current line garments being processed.”

“I found out about the running of a successful factory, how sizes / samples are produced. Really enjoyed the engagement from the staff.”

“Speaker was nice and included everyone when asking questions.”