Fashion Retail Academy Students Take the Factory Uncovered Tour

On Monday 21st November we had more design students from the Fashion Retail Academy at Fashion-Enter Ltd for a 2-hour Factory Uncovered seminar and tour.

Led by Fashion-Enter Ltd Director, Caroline Ash, the group got to see each stage of the garment manufacturing process; from design through to finished item. Caroline informed the group on various elements that could affect their design process decisions, including fabric considerations and costings, along with patterns, grading and samples.

The group also got to visit the Fashion Studio and the FashTech Innovation Centre to learn about new technologies coming through and how these affect efficiency and sustainability.

Feedback from the students included:

“I’ve learnt more in this 2-hour session about design than I have this year, so thank-you so much.”

“I learnt about the different machines used in factories, what happens in the process before the final design, the different factors that go into creating a garment. Very interesting and was good to see.”

“I’ve learned so much more about the industry.”

“I learnt how a small brand should get ready for production and how to work with suppliers.”

“I have learnt more things in this 2 hours than 2 years in college!”

“I learnt about the industry production process, learnt stuff that should be taught in school.”

“I found out about industry standards within the factory and the process the garments go through.”