Fashion Retail Academy Students Take An Educational Tour of the Factory

On the 12th May the team at Fashion-Enter Ltd welcomed 2 groups of students from the Fashion Retail Academy, London, for an educational seminar and insightful tour of the factory. The groups were split into 2-hour morning and afternoon sessions led by Production Director Caroline Ash.

Both groups are on fashion specific courses and looking to develop career’s in the industry so the session provided the perfect opportunity for Caroline to explain how decisions made at the design stage, fabric choices, working out costings and requirements relate to the practical construction and manufacturing side of the industry. 

Both groups got to experience the factory in full flow, stopping at each work station to see as well as hear about the process. Caroline also talked about factory ethics, slave labour, costing sheets, tech packs, sustainability, along with the technology that is being utilised to ensure speed of response, quality fit and reduction in waste. There was a lot to discuss and the students were attentive, keen to understand and to relate to their course / industry sector.

Feedback from the FRA students included:

“I found it very informative. It was also interesting to see the construction processes firsthand. I felt it gave me an insight into getting clothes mass produced, along with tips on reducing costs as well as what would be needed from my end, i.e. what needs to be included in a tech pack.”

“I learnt to be specific as possible with tech packs, pricing and costing sheets. The speaker was very lovely, informative and explained well.”

“I learnt how a fashion factory works and what it’s like to make 10,000 garments a week. Thank-you this was great.”

“Great information and clear explanations.”

“I found out how long fast fashion processes can take. Great presentation, really informative and useful.”

“Very helpful and informative when learning about the production of the garment and how pricing works within the amount of hours put into making it. As well as the importance of communication between the supplier and buyer.”

“I found out how factories work and how many different jobs there are.”