Fashion Retail Academy Marketing Students Go Behind the Scenes at the Factory

At the Fashion Technology Academy we pride ourselves on adapting our Factory Tours and Seminars so that they are insightful and relevant to a variety of sectors. This past week, commencing 27th February, we had more students from the Fashion Retail Academy take the Factory Uncovered tour. The latest group were from the Marketing for Fashion course and learning all about market sectors, strategies for digital marketing and how to increase brand awareness.

The fashion industry today needs to operate on a transparent level and a brand needs to ensure its business is run ethically throughout its entire supply chain. Fashion-Enter Ltd Director, Caroline Ash, led the group around the factory floor to show what an ethical and transparent factory looks like. She discussed pertinent topics such as Made in Britain, sustainability, green washing and new technologies in the fashion sector. 

Caroline commented: “This week we had a group of Marketing students in from the Fashion Retail Academy. Amongst other subjects, we did a deep dive into Ethics, Sustainability and Green Washing.”

Feedback from the students included:

“I learnt about how a factory runs and the garment making process, as well as new technology and sustainable processes. Very informative, thank-you.”

“I liked how we got a talk before the look round / tour, it made things a lot clearer.”

“I got to see behind the scenes of how garments are made as well as learn about the future of the supply chain. Thank-you.”

“10 out of 10. I learnt about the different stitches in clothing production and about new ways of producing clothing sustainably.”