Fashion Retail Academy & Fordham University Students Take the Popular Factory Tour and Seminar

Onsite experience and learning continued this week, 23rd October, with our popular seminars and factory tours led by FEL Director, Caroline Ash.

Caroline said: “This week we had the Fashion Retail Academy returning with their Year 2 students who were with us for the day. We covered the whole garment lifecycle finishing off with new technology which the group found fascinating.

We followed this with a group of mature students from Fordham University studying Business, they really enjoyed the whole seminar and felt the visit was very informative.”

Feedback from the Fashion Retail Academy group included:

“The speaker was lovely and very helpful.”

“I found out about the different methods of dying and sustainable sourcing. Really enjoyed the visit.”

“I have learnt about the whole process of manufacturing, design and the sustainable elements. Brilliant, really engaging.”

“This session was very informative, it gave an insight into how production will look in the future.”

“I enjoyed everything. A real insight! Great, keep smashing it!”

“I learnt how the supply chain can be more sustainable, about new machines and brands that are improving it, and the different techniques carried out.”



While the students from Fordham said:

“I learned a great deal about the fashion supply chain and the manufacturing process. This was a great visit! I learned a lot and am grateful we were welcomed to the facility.”

“I found out about the market for repair. The amount of time it takes to produce a garment and what factors are used when pricing. Great energy!”

“I have greater appreciation for higher quality, more sustainable clothing in my future purchases.”

“I’ve learned how AI is transforming fashion production. It’s amazing to see how quick it can Create pieces and I learned that it’ll help with carbon emissions. Thank you for all the explanations!”

“The fabric printing machine and AI Studio3D was very innovative and amazing!”