FRA Level 4 Retail students visit the factory

On March 20th, Fashion Enter welcomed a group of students from the Fashion Retail Academy for a factory visit. The group of students were studying Level 4 Retail.
Students were greeted by Director Jenni Sutton who started the tour with an introduction presentation into all the different sections and workshops there are at Fashion Enter, including Garment Technology and Buying and Merchandising. 
After the insightful presentation students were introduced to Production Director Caroline Ash, who continued the visit with a tour of the factory, during the tour students gained valuable information about how an ethical and sustainable factory operates and the procedures set in place to guarantee it stays that way. Students were guided through every step of the garment production process and talked through how difficult it is to do small runs and why, she also looked  at brand buys, development buys and explained  'trend' buys
During the visit students observed the factory from a sourcing small volume orders/critical path point of view
After University the group of level 4 retail students will likely be going into running a small business/store management/marketing or merchandising, so understanding the impact of small and large volume orders of factories a good is crucial
Overall the students really enjoyed their experience at FTA
Students comment:
“Speaker went through every detail clearly and explained everything as much as she could, was great!”  Barkat
“Good use of relevant information. Very engaging and easy to understand” Kelsey
“Very useful, answered my questions which can be used in my research.  I learnt a lot about the factory and other factories. Genuine” Lauren