Fashion – Enter Ltd Wales Attends North Powys Employer Engagement Event

Judith and Annabella from Fashion-Enter Ltd Wales attended the North Powys Employer Engagement Event on the 14th September 2022 at NPTC Group of Colleges. 

Attendees included local employers, MP’s, Powys County Council, Head teachers of local high schools, NPTC staff, Careers Wales etc. The event was all about the importance of employers and education engaging, forming collaborations as Fashion-Enter have with NPTC. 

NPTC, local companies Rebo UK Ltd and construction company SWG gave a presentation/talk. SWG have formed a collaboration with Llanfyllin High School to try and show high school children aged 11+ what other opportunities are available to them via workshops if they choose to not follow the further education route.

NPTC are also opening a Career Ready Employment Bureau. It is recognised that many companies are struggling to find skilled employees in many professions, and there is a real concern that children need to have much more engagement with local companies so that they can see what other opportunities are out there. They also need to be aware that companies can train them to have the skills to do these jobs through workshops, training courses etc and not to be afraid. 

The collaboration between Fashion-Enter Ltd Wales and NPTC is celebrated with the delivery of Level 1 and 2 stitching courses, apprenticeship program and the FTA. It is however recognised that we need access into the colleges and schools enabling us to show what is on offer.