Fashion – Enter Ltd Joins Great Big Green Week in Haringey

On Friday 30th September Fashion-Enter Ltd joined the Great Big Green Week 2022 at the Chestnuts Community Centre on St Ann’s Road in Haringey, north London. This was a unique event that aims to Re-invent, Re-define and Re-purpose garments and combustibles to ensure that borough of Haringey is leading in sustainability. There was a wide cross section of activities including; 2nd Time Around Eco Market, Urban Arts and Crafts, a review of local Green jobs in the borough and what training is available in Green sustainability, a review of what sustainable business really means, carbon champions and a review of how to tackle food waste borough wide.
Fashion-Enter Ltd’s (FEL) CEO Jenny Holloway presented an overview of why fashion has become unfashionable and why Gen Z, in particular, are backlashing against high street brands and etailers.  Jenny presented a powerpoint that explained where FEL used to be with their manufacturing of 30,000 pieces a week and where they are today with their aim of producing one-piece flow and using the very latest technologies to achieve this aim.
Jenny commented: “One of the main reasons for attending these local events and actively engaging with the local economy is to review outreach and that the local residents know who we are. These local events also ensures that our curriculum extends beyond the academic, technical or vocational work that is expected. We want to go way beyond tick boxing!  By attending events we can meet potential  learners and make sure that they know we can let their character, ideals and creativity really grow and prosper within our safe learning environment.  We are preapring the education we deliver for the future and that’s exactly why we have developed state-of-the-art resources such as Optitex, Kornit Presto and Atlas plus Zund for cutting. We are preparing our learners with skills that can be used professionally and / or personally to reuse and recycle textiles already available.  For those wanting to work in the fashion and textile sector we are confident that when they leave our learning establishment they will most definitely be industry ready.”