Fashion-Enter Ltd Apprentice Exit Survey Feedback: Iona Hills

The apprenticeship team at Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) values apprentice feedback to ensure that they are providing an exemplary apprenticeship experience in terms of quality teaching and industry-ready skills.

Here, apprentice Iona Hills feeds back on her Level 2 Sewing Machinist Apprenticeship that she undertook at Fashion-Enter Ltd in Newtown, Wales.

The Apprenticeship Exit Survey asks a series of questions where the former apprentice ticks the appropriate box from 1 to 4. 1 = Outstanding, 2 = Good, 3 = Requires Improvement and 4 = Inadequate.

Iona scored the apprenticeship as 2 = Good across the board from her tutor’s expertise to the provision of next steps guidance. She stated that she enjoyed working on the sewing machine and seeing how garments are constructed. In terms of improvements she said she would like more time on the cover stitch machine, however, overall the experience was good.

Iona comments: “Overall my apprenticeship training experience has been good for me and I really appreciated the one-to-one learning I had with Jenny in particular, who became a bit of a mentor to me personally too. She came to see in me in Wales regularly and during that time you get to know a person. I felt as  though she was there for me personally and my career. 

“I am now working as a teaching assistant as this works with my life / work balance and my daughter but I am still using my stitching skills and want to go back to stitching and teaching when the Fashion Technology Academy opens in Wales with Newtown College.”

Jenny Holloway, CEO of FEL / FTA added: “It has been an absolute privilege to work along side Iona and to see her develop into an expert stitcher.  She is such a kind person and has worked well in a team taking directions and advice from her highly experienced supervisors Judith and Iris. I have no hesitation in recommending Iona and my hope now for Iona is that she will become part of the new Fashion Technology Academy in Powys with Newtown College.

“Thank you to all the teaching staff of the FTA – Iona you show how apprenticeships can and do work.”  

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