Fashion Enter Learners Receive Transformational Coaching Sessions

As a part of her Diploma in ‘Transformational Coaching’ Debbie Quick offered Fashion Enter learners free coaching sessions to enable them to discuss career and life goals in a non-judgmental, collaborative and confidential space. Coaching sessions are all about giving individuals the tools to creatively explore new possibilities in life highlighting existing strengths, the options available and direction to move towards identified goals.


Reasons for coaching are very diverse but can include:

✦ developing communication skills

✦ establishing and taking action towards achieving goals

✦ gaining more job and life satisfaction

✦ preparing for a job interview

✦ wanting to relate to people more effectively

✦ starting a new business venture

✦ encountering a period of transition or change

✦ considering new direction in life


Debbie offered an initial one-to-one 30-minute session followed by three 60-minute follow-up sessions. The feedback to Debbie’s sessions has been extremely positive with the learners who are now being proactive about their career and life choices as a result.


Feedback included:


“Debbie is a lovely lady, she is very understanding. She has made me think about my future and my life goals, as before I did think about my goals but have not really done anything to reach them! So having these sessions with Debbie will hopefully push me forward to achieving some of my goals.” 


“My one-hour with Debbie goes so quickly with loads of brainstorming and lots of ideas we came up with to move my business forward. We set realistic goals, which should be achieved in just a week’s time. So happy I have met Debbie and thank you to Jenny for allowing her to come and help us.”


“Debbie has been helpful in setting my goals and making me think of how I go about implementing them. Debbie also advises you how to go about making the steps to achieve these goals so she is really making me think about what I need to do.” 


Many thanks to Debbie Quick for offering this service to our students.