Fashion-Enter Conducts Vital Training At The Factory, Wales

Getting the right training from industry experts is everything! Here at Fashion-Enter we want to ensure the very best practices are implemented in our factories right from the start, which is why we have had an army of people supporting our Welsh operation. Over the last six weeks the Welsh team has gained insight from:

James Stewart – Ex Burberry Director Lean.
Christine Brennan – Ex supervisor from Fashion-Enter factory London advising supervisors and stitchers.
Nedyalka (Nelly) – For machine operation, sewing skills and the most efficient way to put a garment together.
TJ Hussein, Anna-Maria Michael and Caroline Ash – on compliance and HR.
& Elle Argyrou on quality control, packing and finishing.

We want to ensure we are fully supporting both existing staff but also provide the best possible opportunities for the next generation, such as new recruit Jack, seen here with Nedyalka (Nelly) and Christine (Photo, above left)

Jenny Holloway, CEO commented:

“Over the last six weeks we have undertaken intensive training for every single member of the new Wales factory. This has included Caroline Ash production director, Chris Toumba factory manager, Jenni Sutton development director, TJ Hussein HR and compliance, Steve Messenger internal accounts, Elle Argyrou quality control, Claire Solley head of patterns, as well as myself; I’ve been going down every week since Wales has opened. I’d also like to say thank you to Nedyalka and Christine Brennan who have done a magnificent job on the stitching side which has been very time-consuming as many of our stitchers from Laura Ashley have not made garments before in Jersey fabrics such as viscose and elastane and scuba. Nevertheless the machinists are excellent and highly skilled and it’s been great working with each and every one of them. I would also like to thank the Welsh government for their React program which has allowed us to conduct this intensive training over the last six weeks.”

Callum, (photo, right) Office Assistant Manager based in London who joined the team in Wales for the training also commented:

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to meet the new Welsh workforce. I’ve been working on supplier handbooks, deliveries in and out, compliance and galaxius in-house system.

I’ve been working with the packing, inspection, admin and management team of Newtown and over the last few days we have covered every aspect of what our suppliers expect and the compliance required for ethical and sustainable manufacturing.

In the next few weeks we will be opening new accounts such as the N Brown account for the brand Simply B and this will require more training and I look forward to meeting the team again.”

Admininstrator Annabella was trained in Marketing and prior to the course felt she wanted to learn more about the company and how to promote it effectively. Following the training Annabella said the facilitator’s training skills were excellent and she now had much more knowledge about the company’s policies and procedures. She also highly recommends the training.

Following the training Machinist Nicola said it made a big difference learning how garments are put together and to then see the finished product. She found it very interesting overall.

Neil, based in the cutting room wanted to learn more cutting techniques and gain a deeper understanding of the role. After training Neil commented: “I have gained the confidence to do the job without any assistance. I am able to make decisions about things without asking other people. Every part of this training will help with the daily job. I feel much more confident.”

Factory Manager, Martin Jones took training in HR and Ethical Compliance and wanted to learn how to ensure the Factory would pass an audit and ensure all staff were working in a safe and ethical environment. Following his training he felt the course met the aims, the facilitator was excellent and overall felt more confident on the subject.

Machinist Janine stated that before the training she hoped to gain better handling skills with fabrics and long term hoping to sew quicker and more efficiently. After the course Janine commented: “Chris our tutor was very knowledgeable in all areas and helped me a lot. Hopefully I will be quicker at my job as I now have more confidence with my handling.”

The six week training programme has been extensive and hugely benefical to all staff. Once again huge thank you to the Welsh government.