Fashion Designers Need To Up Their Game And Up Skill!

A recent article compiled by the ‘Business of Fashion’ (BOF) makes it quite clear that being a designer today involves a whole lot more than sketching out some design ideas…

‘Today, a fashion designer’s role must incorporate that of a technician, as well as a merchandiser, digital innovator, fashion disruptor and celebrity. Crucially, a designer is now also the leader of a growing and increasingly diverse team of product specialists. From womenswear to menswear, through homeware, jewellery, sportswear, streetwear and footwear.’ – BOF

With over twenty-five years of industry experience under her belt CEO of Fashion Enter / FashionCapital, Jenny Holloway, couldn’t agree more:

“How right BOF are! Technical skills are a necessity to ensure designers create achievable collections. Too often we see graduates coming to our Fashion Technology Academy (FTA) that are conceptual – the truth is they do not understand the properties of fabrics and how patterns and grade rules actually work. To be an excellent designer it is crucial to understand the production process from start to finish.”

Start to up-skill right here with us at the FTA.