Fashion Career Focus: Fashion Studio Assistant

Do you want a career in fashion but not sure in which area to specialise? Each week we will introduce a fashion career role and list the responsibilities and skills required. Here are the typical duties and requirements for a Fashion Studio Assistant…

Job Description:

Fashion design assistants support designers to create new materials, styles, colours and patterns for fashion brands and labels. You’ll usually work at least 40 hours a week, and may need to work longer hours and weekends to meet deadlines. You’ll usually work in a studio or workshop, but you may travel to visit manufacturers. You may also go on research trips to visit art galleries, trade shows, or particular places or countries linked to a design theme.


  •         Creating prototypes and tailoring garments
  •         Producing technical sketches
  •         Explaining technical and creative ideas to designers
  •         Sourcing fabrics and trimmings
  •         Creating mood, shape and trend boards
  •         Gaining approval from customers
  •         Working closely with factories and suppliers
  •         Participating in meetings with customers and fabric agents
  •         Inspecting products during the design process


  •         An eye for design and colour
  •         Excellent presentation skills
  •         Excellent negotiation skills for working with customers and suppliers
  •         Strong pattern cutting skills