Factory Uncovered – GLAA Now On Board!

Factory Uncovered – GLAA now on board!

One of the major issues in education today is the lack of connection between industry standards and unit knowledge in criteria within units.

Industry moves at a dramatic pace and it’s almost impossible for traditional educational institutions to catch up especially with automation and technology advancements in fashion and garment manufacturing.

This is exactly why FEL has created short courses that are accredited at a level 3 and are specific to industry’s every changing needs.

CEO Jenny Holloway commented: “As an ex senior buyer with large multi million pound budgets I am quite ashamed of my own lack of understanding in garment manufacturing, ethics and sustainability. I chased margin without knowing really the pressure I was putting on my suppliers. This is exactly why we started our highly successful Factory Uncovered seminars which are accredited with ABC Awards.”

The Factory Uncovered reviews how to spot an unethical factory and what exactly contributes to an ethical factory.  Open costings are reviewed as well as the dirty tricks of the trade such as cabbage, 16 on 16 off,  RTW and many other areas.
Caroline Ash, Production Director, further commented: “We absolutely give an honest review of all sharp practices and can explain how cheating occurs on layplans. This is our way of bringing up standards within the UK. We are delighted to be now working with the Gangmaster Labour Abuse Authority too in August.”