Fabric Appreciation Master Class

On March 15th, the Fashion Technology Academy hosted a Fabric Appreciation Master class, led by former Fabric Technologist for Marks & Spencer Deborah Shulton. The class entailed important information about fabric sourcing. Understanding the properties of fabric is a crucial part of the design process and an element that many designers lack knowledge of. The consequence of lack of fabric knowledge can result in poor results of the manufacturing, costs and lead time which can result in the failure of a collection. Deborah Shulton explained the vital information about knowing the difference between fabrics that have been manmade, are natural and fabrics that are blended. Deborah shared her knowledge about the properties and characteristics of different fabrics and how these relate to and affect the cost and quality of the fabric.Deborah explained to the attendees that consumers don’t offend realise that the quality of the fabric, is what results in the garments durability, wearability and aftercare. Deborah explained that when choosing a fabric for your creation, you must question which country the fabric has come from and what complications this could cause. How can you ensure that bulk production costs the same as the samples? How can you ensure continuity throughout?

Following the Master Class attendees commented:

“Really felt this is a necessary workshop to accompany the whole picture and off garment production in any specific area! Glad I had this opportunity and didn’t miss this, thank you” Julia

“An excellent delivery by a pleasant and engaging lady, I am so glad that I came to this work shop it was well worth it. I would recommend this to everyone who is interested in the fashion industry. I will also use the information that I have learnt in my portfolio for one of my modules. Thanks for all the information and keep doing what you do you are amazing” Dionne

“Please do more courses (workshops) like this one” Laura