Expert Advice: How Quality Is Measured In Fashion

Today, 15th November, Fashion Enter / FTA apprentices were treated to some real insider expertise. Brand Creative and former Head of Design for Della Nelson gave an informative session on quality and how quality can be measured when it comes to garment production.

Jo Price, Senior Lecturer at the FTA commented: “Having someone as knowledgeable as Della with over 30-years’ experience of the fashion industry come in and speak with our apprentices today was a real treat. Della turned up with a suitcase full of the most fabulous vintage clothes to deliver a session on how we measure quality.

“She showed us dress after dress made with the most beautiful fabrics and attention to detail. The apprentices had hands-on experience and were able to feel the fabrics and look inside the garments to see how they were engineered and finished. The whole session was inspiring and by the end the apprentices and I completely understood what the term ’quality’ actually meant in regards to clothing.”

Sammy Ladjouzi, Garment Technology Apprentice at Harrods said: “Della went through the impact that planning pattern cutting, fabric layouts, prints and garment finishing’s have on costs, which made us have a clearer idea of what the designer has to take in account to develop a production run. It was very interesting to see how the quality standards have changed over the years from entirely handmade pieces in the 1950’s to an efficient and cost effective manufacturing today.”

Aimee Joyce, Sample Tech Apprentice at Ralph & Russo added: “The session provided an insightful look into the old and the new and a wonderful opportunity to be close-up and hands-on with garments you do not see every day.”

Fiorenza Arinosci, Sample Tech apprentice at Harrods concluded: “Today’s session was very interesting now when I go shopping I will now consider the price of what I am buying in regards to the quality of the fabric, cut and finish, there is so much to consider.”

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