European Delegation Visit Fashion Enter And FTA

We welcomed a European Delegation to the FTA and Fashion Enter Factory this week!

The visit organised through Rinova as part of their Erasmus+ European Partnerships for Apprenticeships was part of a project which aims to capacity build stake holders in Croatia, Serbia and Slovakia to lead in the strategic development of the Apprenticeship sector in those countries.

Delegates included the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts; Regional Development Agency Senec-Pezinok, Slovakia; Regional Chamber of Commerce Kraljevo, Serbia; as well as many others. They were particularly interested to visit the UK’s most important training providers and trailblazers and as England’s leading training provider for the fashion and textiles apprenticeship programme we opened our doors to the delegation and invited them to review our training facilities within a live factory environment.

CEO Jenny Holloway commented: “Our doors are fully opened to provide international knowledge transfer opportunities with our European partners. Teachers and students are both warmly welcomed. Thanks to Rinova for organising the day.”  

Fashion Enter is currently working with TCBL, an industry initiative that aims to renew the European Textile & Clothing sector by exploring new ways to design, make, and work together. The company, along with TCBL, are keen to continue a strong relationship with European businesses and become part of a transformative ecosystem for the good of the industry as a whole. Our next committee meeting with TCBL is due to take place in Paris on the 3rd and 4th May.