Eric Gilston Reveals ‘How To Raise Your Game’

On the 24th October 2019, Life and Business Coach Eric Gilston was back at Fashion-Enter HQ to advise masterclass attendees on ‘How to Raise Your Game.’

Eric explained SWOT and how useful it is to apply whenever you have a decision to make. For those that don’t know SWOT stands for:

S = Strengths,

W = Weaknesses,

O = Opportunities

T = Threats.

The abbreviated version of this is where people look at the pluses and minuses, the strengths and the weaknesses, the good points and the bad points, etc. However, SWOT is much more powerful as it includes Opportunities and Threats, where you look at external factors that can play a role.

Eric advises that this technique is so powerful it can be used for major life decisions as well as within the workplace. In the world of fashion, there are numerous occasions, each & every day, when key decisions are being made. Being in a competitive business world the right decisions are key and this technique can help make those crucial choices.

(Eric speaking at his masterclass – image by attendee Omar)
He continued to discuss with attendees the power of networking – personally and professionally and how to draw on your strengths and apply them to your life and career.

As always attendees left feeling motivated and buzzing here are a few feedback comments:

“Eric has made me feel more motivated about the ideas that I want to explore.” – Sarah

“I have learnt about SWOT and the four key elements I need to succeed. Eric’s tips will help me in the future.” – Dianna

“Great seminar! I have learnt a lot from this seminar. It covered some very important tips that could definitely make a difference to move a business forward.” – Sharon

“I loved the whole seminar. It made me see a different way to look at the things I am passionate about. Thank-you Fashion-Enter for putting on this useful seminar.” – Janice

Eric’s next November masterclass will be ‘Strategies for Handling Stress’ to find out more and book please click here.