EPA Report from Skills Education Group gives the FTA 100% on Apprenticeships

During 2020-23 delivery of apprenticeships has been difficult for all training providers. COVID meant that delivering apprenticeships became much more of a blended learning model with many apprentices working from home. At the Fashion Technology Academy (FTA), curriculums were redesigned with tutorials online, video presentations and 1-2-1 sessions were also available but the reality of the situation was delivery was impacted as the technical standards needed training and experience using industrial machinery.
Fashion-Enter Ltd / FTA CEO, Jenny Holloway commented: “What a joy it is to go back to delivering apprenticeships with the backdrop of an ethical and sustainable factory! Over the last few years it’s been hard to galavanise momentum with apprenticeships, plus we have found it difficult to recruit trained teachers that have had the right technical competence that we needed too.  Our standards of delivery are exacting and we need teachers that are up-to-date with the latest industry best standards.”  
“The FTA is currently delivering apprenticeships on the Level 4 Fashion & Textiles Product Technologist Standard and the Level 3 Diploma For Fashion Studio Assistant and the apprentices are really excelling.” 
A report from the Skills Education Group (SEG) dated 24.4.24 gave FEL/FTA the following results:
Jenny continued: “We are delighted to receive this independent report today from SEG. Since September 23 we have focused on the apprenticeship provision and worked hard to update all areas of the delivery. Huge well-done to the team at the FTA, particularly Lan, Divya and Sonia for their outstanding contributions. 
“We’re looking forward to developing our apprenticeship provision further and expanding into the new standards below.”
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